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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Kind of Did Something...

Ok so today didn't exactly go to plan.

1. My mum stayed home
2. My cousins came over

Today I realised just how much of a recluse I am. I thought about every situation I could be in and I was continuously brought back to the fact that I would rather stay home with my literature.

Seeing as this has been the topic of conversation in my family at the moment, I had to make nice and socialise today. I was a good girl and spent all morning with my Nan, and all afternoon and night with my cousins.

Which means that although I was itching to get upstairs...and away from people...I didn't get anything that I wanted to done. I finished a chapter of a book I was reading and and I kind of got a summary done for Escaping Destiny. Wow.

And I know I'm going out tomorrow, so I'm not going to get anything done then either. So now I'm a little depressed because this weekend has been wasted as far as getting somewhere goes.

Now my sinus is setting in which means I will dose off in about an hour, but I can't think properly. So nothing more shall get done tonight.


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