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Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's see how this goes...

Ok, so yes I class myself as a writer - even though I'm a trained accountant - writing is my passion above all things because it lets me just get it all out of my system and I've been published so there.

J Kaye from J Kayes Book Blog and Alyssa Kirk from Teens Read and Write inspired this blog because they are pretty much doing the same thing on their blogs 365 days of Novel Writing (J Kaye) and Demonic Attractions (Alyssa).

Now I know I am no where near them in regards to "finished" although as a writer one really can't ever be "finished", but i will give it a go, because it also might make me get my finger out and actually write what I want to.

Thanks to J Kaye and her awesome organisation skills she inspired me, I organised all of my ideas into folders and labelled them (something extremely foreign to me).

Now I actually have to put something in said folders...

I've got some stuff in there, the first two chapters to my book "Rose Wine" and the first chapter of "Guide Me".

I will list everything I'm attempting to write and put it up in a post...because I absolutely love filling in check-lists (ironic for an unorganised person isn't it...) so once I see them there all empty and and anorexic...I will just have to fix it.

So lets see how this goes my goal for the year is to get a complete first draft of something completed.


  1. I absolutely love your header and the title of this blog. This is absolutely fantastic!

  2. hehe thank you!!!

    hopefully it will serve its purpose