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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm Back...Am I? I hope so

Two years.

Two years since I have posted to this blog.

Two years since I've made a real effort to write anything.






Is that an excuse? Of course not, but it's what I used for two years.

Since I last posted to this blog on 1st February 2012 a few life upheavals have occurred:

1.       I met my soul mate
2.       I married the soul mate mentioned above

Now that may only be two things, but they among other things have been taking up my time. That and I have been blocked like you wouldn’t believe. I had trouble writing letters let alone writing books.

2013 was my year for change, my year for healing and focusing on being the best wife I could be.

2014 is also going to be a massive year of change, but I feel more settled now.

I also gave something up last year that has freed up more of my mind than I expected. I gave up my book blog StoryWings. After 4 years, I’d had enough. It was no longer fun for me and since giving it up I have relaxed quite a bit.

My goal for this year is to write…something.

Whether that be once again tackling Practically Dead or giving in to my new ideas about Escaping Destiny.

My first goal of the year is to organise my stuff.

All of the bits of paper that have ideas on them and the random ideas I have floating around in my head I plan to put in a binder.

The next is to re-familiarise myself with Practically Dead…because after not looking at it for two years, it would be dumb to try and pick up where I left off. I then want to try a more structured form of writing, in that I am planning to plot the time line before I go any further, because at this stage, I know the final chapter, and even the beginning of the next book. But I don’t know the details of the middle of this one…which is pretty pointless.

I also need to find a way to fit my writing into my life now. Which is a surprisingly hard thing to do when you want to devote all your time to the person you live with.

I made a New Years resolution this year.

That resolution: To  write

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