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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have a new project!

So hello!

A little while ago I read an article by an author saying to ignore the ideas that try to tempt you away from your current project, but well...I have kind of come to a halt on Practically Dead anyway.

What I am currently working on though is a new version of Guide Me...The whole thing has been overhauled and Guide Me is no longer...

Guide Me was originally a way to help me get over something that happened a few years ago now, it was fiction based around truth but as I said in the prologue of the new version, there is no point in sensationalising it or over dramatising it because it has enough drama as it is and adding an angel into the mix will only in a way give me another road block because the character who is based on me needed outside help in the form of something paranormal...which I don't have.

So about a week ago I started writing, I spat out 4 pages (about 2,000 words in one sitting) then as I typically do, I left it for a while, on Sunday I sat down again and wrote another 8 pages (about 4,000 words) so for me this has been quite a lot in such a short amount of time.

I am finding this easy to write which is new as I have had a hard time putting pen to paper when it comes to this issue, but now I am over thinking about it in any capacity, I pushed away the problem for a year and a half and I think that it might be because I am finding a semblance of happiness with someone (the Boy) I don't want it to be there anymore, I don't want to hold onto it and I can't keep locking it away, so I am writing it out of my system finally and it feels really good.

I am actually finding this really easy to write, probably because it's all happened and I am just recounting it rather than inventing a new story with new problems and new characters. It is just a story of emotion, feelings and what happened.

I don't think I could ever bear for anyone to read it, purely because it contains things that I couldn't even admit to myself for years let alone anyone else, but it feels good to get it out, finally and even if it means I am going to burn it after I finish it, I am glad that it's flowing so far.

This new story is currently called As It Happened but I might change it to The Night of the 25th, but for some reason that gives me images of Cluedo and Gothic Mansions so maybe not.

Regardless...this feels good :)

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