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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am starting again!

So today I had the urge to work on Practically Dead and so I did!

I sat there for about ten minutes refamiliarising myself with the finer details of the story and then I started to work.


I have been stuck at the beginning of this story for so long, I have the middle all worked out even the multiple endings! But the beginning is just so hard to get through.

So after sitting there for about fifteen minutes I came to the realisation of "why do I need to start at the beginning at all? If I don't want to write it...why would anyone want to read it?"

So I didn't start at the beginning, I started at about the second chapter! And I wrote 879 words! In one night!

I am so proud considering I haven't written anything close to that for a year! I haven't even worked on my novels for a year! So now it seems I have a new direction.

I am rambling a little at the moment in the beginning, a lot of that will have to be cut down but at least I'm writing. I am closer to getting to the juicier stuff now than I have been in forever! I am finally feeling like I could make some progress with this.

I am really excited about this, but it's a different kind of excited now, not just ooh what a good idea type of excited but a I am actually writing it, Finally! type of excited.

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