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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My pen! My pen! I've lost my pen!

Ok so maybe this is just an excuse...but I don't care...I've lost my writing pen!


This is massive. Basically my writing pen is a pen that Missy Jane gave me last year as a little present for me hosting her. Ever since I got that pen I have always written with that pen. Not everything, poetry and on the fly stuff I find the nearest pen possible.

But as part of my writing ritual for novels, I always write with my Missy Jane pen.

Now of course the thought has crossed my mind...what happens when it runs out idiot...but it hasn't yet so thats a hurdle I will have to jump when it comes.

Do you have a writing ritual? Or any odd rituals?

I have a car ritual when I drive to make sure I do everything. It goes a bit like this:
  • Shift to park
  • Handbrake on
  • Windows up
  • Ipod out
  • Radio face out
  • Steering lock on
  • Keys out of ignition
  • Lock the steering lock
  • Get out of the car
And my writing ritual is more of a need for everything around me "just in case"
  • Current projects folder
  • Writing pen
  • Pads of paper
See! Crucial step is missing there!

I guess I will just have to get used to another pen of course...but this is still a big deal.

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  1. Yeah, I see how that's a big deal! I hope you find it! I have no writing rituals, any writing utensil and any paper or surface I have it good for me!