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Monday, October 3, 2011

Trying out something new...

So as a writer I am generally a paper and pen user. It helps me from being distracted, but I have recently found a new free and customisable program called Celtx.

Now...anyone who knows this program of which I speak will know that it is primarily a screenwriting software type application...well it is.

I am currently working on a screenplay.

It's based off a dream I had (groan, I know it's taboo to even think that because of the mess that was Twilight but this is different, I swear.)

It was basically an action sequence that involved swords maidens and a really hot guy...basically I thought to myself...I really want to watch that movie! So I am currently working on writing it.

I have a plot and a scene in question currently going but instead of mucking around on word and having to transfer it all off paper, I decided to look around for some screenwriting help...and so I found Celtx.

What's even better about Celtx though is that it also has apps for stageplays, comics and novels!

So although I won't need the comics bit (because I can't draw, or I would so write a comic!) I have viable use for everything else...yeay! And its free until I want to start adding extra bits which I won't be doing for a while but it's only $10 anyway so all good! to check out this new software...will update on how it works :D

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