Current Project: Practically Dead
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Days writing record: 6 days

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm not hiding! I wrote again!

Usually when i dont post it means i didnt write, but yesterday i wrote! It wasn't much but it was still something! and im proud of that.

Reading stephen kings short stories of late have inspired me to pursue one of my own. I used to love writing short stories but then got caught up in the novel writing. Today i had an inspiration for a piece. And that is what i want to work on until i finish it, for now.

Short stories have never taken me that long to complete. A day or two at most. So for today, that is what i want to focus on, i may still write a bit for Practically Dead, but i want to work on Remember for today.

Consecutive days writing: 5
Current Project working on: Short Story - Remember