Current Project: Practically Dead
Current Streak: 1 day
Days writing record: 6 days

Monday, March 29, 2010

I fell off my tortoise :(

OK so i stumbled. I didnt do anything Saturday, Sunday and I wont be writing Monday or even Tuesday because i have a huge exam to study for.

I'm not used to studying, so it's taking some time and this exam is worth half of my final mark. So I will get back on to the bandwagon on Wednesday and then have fun on my four day getaway for easter by writing to my little hearts content. Also after Thursday i have two weeks off tech!!! I will be able to write, read and run as much as I want and I won't be wasting three hours of my day, which really wastes 6 hours because when i get home at 9-9.30 i can't be bothered doing much.

YEAY!!! Can't wait until Wednesday!!!


  1. An exam is a pretty good reason to fall off the shell. I am wishing I'd put breaks in the 365. Everyone can use one or five. ;)

  2. Exams... ahhh! I hate'd those!