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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm back on the shell!

With a new story idea too!

I have a thing with talking to myself, and once again I have talked myself into getting back up on the shell and plodding along. I had an entire conversation in the bathroom with the mirror thinking about how exciting it would be to be able to tell someone about the exhilarating feeling one gets when finishing something. Then I thought about finishing a novel, maybe two, three, four..the whole 20? And it got me so excited that at 11 o'clock at on Saturday night I just had to pick up my pen and paper after the little pep talk.

What did I write? Finding Ashleigh. A new novel idea based on a recurring dream I've been having since I was fifteen.

I also got around to typing up what I have already written! Awesome! So that is something I can check off the lists.

And for those of you playing along, my writing feat on Saturday? 1249 words. Boo-yeah!


  1. what! that is amazing!!! It must be a brilliant story idea!!

    Good luck and stay on "the shell"

  2. Where you are at right now is the funniest place to me, well, to me it is. I love the beginning. I also love the ending. It's that middle part that gets me.

  3. finding ashleigh sounds like alice ion wonderland sorry

  4. Swimmer: Thanks so much! Im trying hehe
    J.Kaye: Thanks darl, the beginning and the end are so easy to write but so hard to get right for me lol
    Black Serenity: you have alice in wonderland on the brain at the moment hun, dont worry, its nothing like it :)