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Monday, April 12, 2010

How do you determine your POV?

First Person or Third Person...that is the question.

Are you a first person writer or a third person writer?

Do you prefer one over the other?

Do you only write in one style?

I always considered myself a third person writer, but now that I'm older, and can sort of understand emotion and thought processes a little better I have been swaying towards First Person of late. It might also be that since I started writing more recently, after experiencing what I did last year writing myself into characters so much more intensely now helps get out the feeling, and anger that have hung around since last year.

This morning when i started Jail Bird i started in a First person, then crossed out the paragraph and re-wrote in Third Person...have you ever done that? Can one convey feelings as strongly in Third person as they can in First person?


Update: switched back to first again lol

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  1. For me, it depends on the story. Sometimes I have to decide during the first draft. And sometimes this is where I will experiment with different ones.

    But here's the deal. I don't correct or go back until the second draft. I will leave everything as is until the second draft. You should know at the end of your first draft which way you want to go.