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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its working!!!

I love it when you pick up a pen and it magically jumps across the page for you!

Just this morning in my twenty minutes of work I started on Practically Dead! I was thinking about it and even though I have a some inspiration for The Queens Dresses, I don't want my first completed novel to be an erotic one...bad Juju as they say. So I'm currently working on Practically Dead (I am so going to have to change that doesn't fit at all) for the 50000/50 challenge.

As of right now I'm sitting at 150 or so words...yeay!!!! Will finish some more tonight before tech :)


  1. Oh wow, cool! I hope you finish it! I always start and then I stop, you know? That's why I'm thinking that my first book should be poetry, which I love to write, because it's easy to finish and powerful too.

    Good luck with Practically Dead, I love the title :D

  2. Thanks hun!

    My mum told me ages ago that i should see if anyone wants my poetry lol...she said that there must be enough by now that someone would want to read it hehe.

  3. I don't know...I think the erotica is good

  4. Best of luck with it! I'm confident you will write a great novel. Take it step by step. The story and your personal views seem to change over time which will also affect the course of the Novel.

    I guess you can say that time is on your side and acts as a catalyst to an excellent story. Use it to your advantage.