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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I think I am finally ready to take writing seriously...

A change happened the other day, one I really wasn't expecting especially now.

I have always wanted to write, and always have, but it was always fun stuff that I never truly took seriously. A couple of days ago that thinking changed. No longer did I want to just write whatever, whenever and however I liked. I wanted to really, really write. I wanted to write properly, I wanted to create something that wouldn't just make me happy but that would make others happy as well.

No longer do I want to just write anything that comes out, I want to create a real novel. So it's time to go back to the basics. Plot construction, proper use of dialogue and language, proper structure and formation...all that gumph.

I also want to plan a novel before I write it, not just fly by the seat of pants any more because think about what would happen if I knew what would happen, there would be less ramble chance and a deeper plot and properly formed sub-plots...which would be pretty awesome.

So I am going to need some help, if you will. There a too many writing books to count out there, and I would like to know which ones work. I don't have the money anymore to be able to buy 20 books for only 5 to work. 10 books and 5 working though I can handle.

I have heard lovely things about Orson Scott Card and James Scott Bell (apparently people with the middle name "Scott" know how to write...)

So who else is there and are there any particular books I should be looking for.

Thanks ever so much...and we will see how long this will last.


  1. There's Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell, one of my many inspirations. Her writing is written in a lyrical form, and it's very good.

    Writing things out is a great way to start, you'll just have to go back and edit a lot.

  2. Yeah, and I want to try and do it properly the first time around so the editing, while still being huge, won't be as massive.