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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am back on track!

Well, almost...

I chopped off the Lizards tail today so hopefully he will leave me alone for a little while.

I am currently working on Practically Dead which is my vampire story. Although I didn't add to the word count today I did a nice brainstorming session whilst I was minding my Pop.

Being able to spread out on a floor with paper in front of me for some reason gurantees results if I am trying to work out a problem or think through a situation.

So I have fleshed out the bad guy and the love interest! The setting which I was having a bit of trouble with and the types of myths I'm using.

The setting is Australia and I am kind of worried if anyone outside of Australia were to read it...because no one seems to know anything about the country.

It's not like book is set in new york right near Central Park.....everyone knows where that one really knows where Perth is....

but I am going to take that as a good thing because that means I have a little more breathing space. hopefully i can make it work.

Now to start working on the first draft again...

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