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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update 11/08/10

Sooo things are looking good!

For the last couple of days I have been working on Practically Dead. Thursday Friday Saturday and Monday! Thats awesome for me and the ideas are just flowing so well.

I am going to start on the first draft soon and after that I will be taking a page out of J.Kayes book and doing weekly word count updates.

I think I am unconciously putting off starting the first draft again. Once I get past those first few painful chapters...hopefully it will start flowing of it's own accord.

Something I was thinking about last night.

Last night I had an urge to write, there has been something that I've needed to write for a year but have been putting off. Last night I was finally ready to write it.

A short story detailing 1 day of my life.

I had the words in my head, the scenes ready and the emotions waiting to pour out of me. I was going to wait until the morning (even though technically it was the morning at 1AM) but wanted to write it then.

I started at my desk then when nothing happened moved to my bed. I got out half a page and packed it in because nothing sounded right.

I am not a night writer. Even though that's the kind of write I always wanted to be.

I alway thought it sounded cool, someone who was up at 3AM in the morning with words begging to be put onto paper. Well I have story ideas and scene ideas at 3AM, but I can never ever put them onto paper.

If I start early, like after flows...but starting late is a no-no.

I suppose I have an okay image in my head of what kind of writer I am. Sitting up the back of my college classes writing chapters of my book instead of a business plan...

Will make for a good story some day I hope.

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  1. My schedule is so messed up that I am not sure what kind of writer I am