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Friday, February 19, 2010

I did something!!!!

I started on the first chapter of TQD yesterday! My creative juices are currently flowing when it comes to this story and i have found my perfect comfort once again in a pen and paper.

All these years I've been trying to sit down at a computer screen to "save time" and "minimise errors" when in actual fact it has been and still is a complete waste of time. Computers are too distracting, for me, as soon i get on the computer, check the blog, check facebook, check email, stuff around on facebook for an hour, another hour on the blog, inevitably someone will start talking to me on msn which is another distraction.

Last week i ended up reading about Megan Fox's clubbed thumb.

But since I've started writing properly again at the start of the year, i've achieved more than in the last five years. And the last time i wrote so much was when i was first at tech and i would get bored in class and write poetry instead.

I force myself to review straight onto the screen, but writing, i just can't anymore. There was a time when i could but it just wont happen now. So now i keep a pad of paper in my car, my tech bag, at work and at home. And its working wonderfully...

So do you guys find paper and pen/pencil easier or the computer? What distracts you most?

Finishing a first draft here i come!

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  1. Awesome! And yes, I need to step away from the internet in order to get more work done.