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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I just had a thought...scary i know

I just had a thought, a horrible one really. Tech is starting again next week - dum, dum, dum - so inevitably the blogs will suffer. it's good in a way that i do a fair bit of fiddling at now...but what about next week?

A full time job and tech and reading and writing and blogging...will there be enough time?

I will need to work out a system (well, duh)...i've thought about the reading, a couple of chapters before class should be enough to get through a proper amount of books, maybe i could write after class while im waiting for my dad to pick me up theres a good 10 minutes it possible to do it when i get home? 11pm posts...hmmm...

ill still read in my lunch hour...can't do much else really.

looks like i will be doing a hell of a lot more on the weekends...

I just dont want my writing to suffer like it did last more excuses remember?

hopefully it will all come together...any suggestions though would help

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  1. I've got the same issue with class, work, writing, reading. Yesterday I broke down every hour and organized my time. There was less time than I'd hoped for everything, yet everything was possible within a single day.

    Maybe try breaking down your day like that? Hour by hour? See how much time you really need daily/every other day for every activity.

    Good luck!


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