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Monday, February 15, 2010

Lazy as again...

After being so excited last week about my excellent work at tech...i didnt do a damn thing all week.

I did write a heap of reviews which i have been falling behind on, but nothing on the novel front.

in other news:

For the first real time in about 10 years a member of my family has taken an interest in exactly what im writing...but i think she thinks im writing the true details of the last six months of my life...not the covered over and protecting identity a couple of embellished and down toned details - play up the feelings, down play the boringness of my life.

im not too sure what she expects of my be perfectly honest i hope that my immediate family (not including my brother and cousin) dont read that particular story because they will know things that ive never told them.

im so used to them not knowing what im writing or not caring that its a little odd to be explaining some of the stories to them...seeing as especially my nan, who has always held some interest of my work, doesnt really have a taste for ghouls and vampires and assassins....

and im not even going to tell them about "The Queens Dresses"...that would be the most awkward conversation in the world to have with your mum i think...

what about you guys?

do you have someone who knows the details of what you're writing, what if its something out there like sexually explicit romance novels...i suppose it might be different for people who arent 18 and whose mums probably wouldnt chuck a fit if they knew you knew what sex was but it hard to talk about?

i suppose my writing has always been my escape, like my reading - the content, the subjects, the characters have always been my one around me knows what i read or to be asked is kind of odd for me, especially in person...obviously i can tell you guys :)

yeah so that little ramble went on longer than expected but anyway :)


  1. Hmmmm....good question. Steve, hubby, is my reader, but there is one book I won't let him read. It's based much on our life experiences and would be too awkward. I am sure I could lie and say it is all fiction, but I don't want to even get to the point of explaining. So there are some parts of my writing I keep to myself. I'll worry about it later if it gets published. ;)

  2. I keep my writing private from family. They've read a few things, but mostly I leave the reading to folks in my critique group. They understand writing as my family cannot and will offer a true critique. Family just tells me I'm great, which ultimately lowers my confidence because I don't believe them and feel pressure to perform. Ha! Better not to even open that door, I think. :)


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